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What services does Maerly offer?

Our services include: Payroll & Tax Administration, Human Resources, Risk Management & Compliance, Benefit Administration, Advanced Technology, Time & Attendance, Scheduling, Staffing & Recruitment, Work Culture Consulting, Risk Liability Assessment, Business Operations Setup, Safety & Risk Mitigation, Pre- and Post- M&A integration, IPO Readiness, and more. See our full list of services.

How is Maerly different from other outsourced HR companies?

We help companies maintain business integrity with legal compliance as an employee of record with complete HR functions.

I have an HR team. Can I still hire Maerly for HR services?

Yes, we’ll work alongside your HR team to collaborate on your systems and operations. We provide the tools and education, so your team works confidently and efficiently.

What types of business and industries does Maerly help?

Serving the tech and government industries.

What specifically would Maerly do to prevent risk from happening to me?

Our team of liability experts assess risk and then identify risk prevention systems to implement into your business operations.

I'm worried I may have liability issues. What should I do?

As a first step, we recommend our complete liability assessment that evaluates your enterprise risk.

What is involved in a liability assessment?

We’ll take a look at the health of your business and evaluate areas of risk. After the assessment, you will receive suggestions for risk management and prevention.

My business information is highly confidential. How do I know that I can trust you?  

Confidentiality is important to us too. All the information you share with us will be safe and secure. We can help create an NDA that would help you feel secure.

How can you ensure compliance for my business?

Unfortunately, risk is inevitable for every business. Compliance is not.

What's the worst that can happen if I don't work with a company like you?

Your company could be at risk, and when a company is at risk, the employees and customers could be negatively impacted. The integrity of your brand could greatly suffer, bringing your company’s success down with it.

How do I contact you?

Send us a message at or call us 805-223-9751.

​MAERLY has a broad range of specialties including: Human Resources Consulting, Outsourced HR, Outsourced Payroll, Pre and Post Merger & Acquisition Integration, Startup Strategy & IPO Readiness, Change Management, Staffing, and Employment Verifications.

Partnerships + Certifications

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Business Connect NFL
DGS General Services

Maerly has been designated as an official supplier of the LASEC Business Connect program. We are one of the businesses in the Los Angeles area identified as a certified, experienced company approved to compete for contracts related to high-profile events supported by the Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission.

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