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Maria Staudenbaur

Founder & CEO

“Every business is susceptible to risk. A company’s reputation is tied to how compliant it is. If you’re not working proactively to prevent risk, your business will crumble, taking your business integrity and reputation with it. Partner with Maerly to protect your business and employees from liability.”


 - Maria Staudenbaur, CEO + Founder of Maerly




As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, Maria was raised with an honest work ethic and desire to help people, which helped her rise to prestigious positions in Human Resources, working alongside C-Level executives at Dun & Bradstreet and Blackstone.


In 2018, her life and career path changed overnight.


On December 30, 2017, Maria was married in her parents’ hometown of Aguascalientes, Mexico. An unfathomable chain of events happened after Maria’s wedding upon her return to the US. 


By having her 7-year daughter be a part of her destination wedding, Maria was falsely accused of child abduction and contempt of court, which resulted in Maria losing custody of her daughter on the same day she returned from her wedding. This put Maria at the center of a (2) year contentious legal battle. 


Maria’s mission became restoring her family and clearing her name. In June of 2018, the DA declined to file charges on child abduction due to the unfounded allegations. After spending over $650k in her own legal fees trying to defend her name, Maria filed bankruptcy on September 9, 2019, after she was ordered to pay the corrupt Attorney’s fees for the fabricated contempt of court charges brought against her. On October 30, 2019, after a two-month trial, Maria accomplished getting the truth out and regained full custody of her daughter.


Maria is proud to say that her story has come full circle. Maria now donates and shares her experience with those who are falsely accused like she was.

She lost everything... except her determination to rebuild. 

In 2018, Maerly was born.


Her sole mission is to protect businesses’ reputation and integrity and minimize risk - so that her clients don’t have to face legal issues. 


Above all, Maria continues to deeply value transparency, integrity, trust and communication - and takes this with her into every client interaction. Her genuine desire to educate people about HR practices, combined with her mastery of legal compliance and liability means you can count on her to defend your brand reputation.


Maria has spent the last few years passionately building businesses and has extensive experience building award-winning departments in a variety of industries - tech, cannabis, medical, start-up, government and the private sector. Maria is a strategic, highly motivated leader with multi-layered global experience in post M&A’s and fast-paced environments. 


Recent Professional Highlights

  • Helped develop and implement HR operations for a start-up medical tech company and led the growth from 200 to 1200 employees within (1) year

  • Led a tech start-up to become the “Top 100 Best Places to Work in LA”, just (1) year after the start-up began while managing the global employee growth from 15 to 850 employees within (2) years.

  • Led a post-merger integration with an employee count of 20,000.


Maria understands the “How’s and Why’s” of keeping businesses legally meticulous when it comes to HR, administration, and communication. She has vast experience implementing ERP, HRIS, Payroll, ATS and Benefit systems, as well as years of experience dealing with union CBA’s and negotiating contract renewals.

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Maerly LLC has been designated as an official supplier of the LASEC Business Connect program. We are one of the businesses in the Los Angeles area identified as a certified, experienced company approved to compete for contracts related to high-profile events supported by the Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission.

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