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MAERLY's Mission:


Our mission is to deliver expertise and a passion throughout our industry through a personalized approach with our clients, allowing them to prosper while realizing their most valuable asset is their employees

MAERLY LLC started in sunny southern California. Maerly's sole focus is to reduce the complexities and costs for small to large organizations throughout the United States.  

MAERLY's Clients

MAERLY LLC’S partnerships span across many industries and have delivered successful change efforts for small, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our clients range from law enforcement to small business to large employers with industry exposure ranging through Government, technology, construction, Entertainment, Real Estate, Mortgage Lending, Hospitality, Medical, Manufacturing, Media and Beyond.


Maria Staudenbaur
Founder & CEO

Maria has spent the last few years passionately building businesses and has extensive experience building award-winning departments in a variety of industries - tech, medical, start-up, government and the private sector. Maria is a strategic, highly motivated leader with multi-layered global experience in post M&A’s and fast-paced environments. 


Recent Professional Highlights

  • Helped develop and implement HR operations for a start-up medical tech company and led the growth from 200 to 2500 employees within two (2) years.

  • Led a tech start-up to become the “Top 100 Best Places to Work in LA”, just (1) year after the start-up began while managing the global employee growth from 15 to 850 employees within (2) years.

  • Led a post-merger integration with an employee count of 20,000.


Maria understands the “How’s and Why’s” of keeping businesses legally meticulous when it comes to HR, administration, and communication. She has vast experience implementing ERP, HRIS, Payroll, ATS and Benefit systems, as well as years of experience dealing with union CBA’s and negotiating contract renewals.

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